Yesss! We're launched!

Nov 10, 2018 - Line Vergauwen

We’re ready for the next chapter in our organization!

You might have seen it passing by already, but we have chosen a new and fresh look for our logo. We are confident that it reflects our character and that it strengthens our visibility in the market.

A very personal and catchy slogan “We’re here to help!” saying all there is to say about how we work. We do not believe in useless information or too much “blah”. We will not create projects if there is no necessity for your organization. We believe in long term thinking and long term relations.

Our website has gotten a firm and slick new bath in line with our new style. You can find a short overview of what we can offer you and your company. Not too much info, only the most important headlines, but it represents strongly which direction we sail.

Last year, MT Consulting has been booming. Our company is growing, our knowledge is expanding, our possibilities are more flexible then ever… but our fundamentals have remained:

How can we help you???

If you struggle with any kind of security, quality, pharmaceutical or logistical related issues? Feel free to invite us over for a coffee, no strings attached. We can honestly advise you in which direction your organization can evolve.

Remember… “We’re here to help”!!

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

Michael, Line, Johan and Nick

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